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Eiffel Tower Fast Access + Summit Access

La Chambre Du Marais

Skip the long lines to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, and enjoy access to the summit at your own pace. Enjoy panoramic views of iconic monuments, such as the Notre-Dame, and discover Gustave Eiffel's original office.

Louvre Museum - Reserved Access

La Chambre Du Marais

Skip the long lines to the Louvre Museum in Paris, and see the masterpieces of art in one of the world's greatest museums. Save time on a self-guided tour of works of art such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo and much more.

Enjoy walking through the Louvre, which used to be a Royal Palace. Travel through Antiquity, Middle Ages, Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the 19 century, with 35,000+ paintings and artifacts.

Marvel at the famous Mona Lisa painting, the Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory of Samothrace. After you leave the museum, enjoy walking around the Tuileries Gardens.

Crazy Horse - Totally Crazy

La Chambre Du Marais

More than 65 years of dazzling creations and craziness packed into 90 enchanting minutes. Emblematic cabarets and iconic acts have revolutionized this word-renowned Parisian venue: Philippe Decouflé, Christian Louboutin, Ali Mahdavi, Chantal Thomass, and Dita Von Teese, are all united in a must-see show.

It is with passion, sensuality, audace and humour that the famous "Crazy Horse" ladies perform legendary and creative acts with stunning visual effects, artistic signature of the Cabaret. This creative and sophisticated world will definitely drive you totally crazy. Numerous artists and international celebrities have already come to watch this unique show. So, what are you waiting for ?

Orsay Museum - Reserved Entrance

La Chambre Du Marais

Explore one of the world best art museums at your own pace with a reserved access day admission ticket to the Orsay Museum. Avoid lengthy lines and the hassle of ticket counters.

The Orsay Museum is located in the former Orsay train station and is home to one of France largest national collections of art. The major section of the museum is dedicated to Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, but you also find some sculptures, photographs, and furniture.

This is considered one of the best galleries in Paris and contains masterpieces such as Dance at le Moulin de la Galette by Renoir, Apples and Oranges by Cézanne, Van Gogh self-portraits and many other unique pieces you will have the opportunity to admire.

Sainte Chapelle E-ticket

La Chambre Du Marais

Take a self-guided tour and admire the Sainte Chapelle, a gem of Gothic style. This self-guided tour makes it possible for you to admire this unique monument and learn its fascinating history.

Get a skip-the-line ticket and a booklet for a self-guided tour. Spend an hour admiring the spectacular stained-glass windows that contribute to make Sainte Chapelle the jewel of the French Gothic. Arranged across 15 windows, each 15-meters high, the stained glass panes depict 1,113 scenes from the Old Testament and New Testament, recounting the history of the world up to the arrival of the relics in Paris.

The Holy Chapel story is deeply linked to sacred relics and items such as the Crown of Thorns or the Image of Edessa that were kept there. Having these sacred relics in his possession made the already powerful monarch the head of western Christianity and allowed him to gain power and influence.

Picasso Museum - E-ticket

La Chambre Du Marais

The Picasso National Museum of Paris is the only facility in the world to present Picasso complete painted, sculpted, engraved, and illustrated artwork as a precise record. Included in the collection are sketches, studies, drafts, notebooks, etchings in various stages, photographs, illustrated books, films and documents of the artist creative process.

Versailles Castle Exclusive Package

La Chambre Du Marais

Experience Versailles like never before: enjoy a glass of Champagne at the restaurant of the Chef Alain Ducasse, located inside the Castle, and get access to the Castle with a priority access.

Visit the Palace and Gardens of Versailles with a pre-booked full access pass. Explore the ornate State Apartments and breathtaking Hall of Mirrors inside the official residence of the French monarchy from 1682 to 1789. Learn more about Louis XIV and other French royals with a complimentary audio guide.